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What is Dying Light?

Brace yourselves for this upcoming first-person action survival horror video game developed by Techland. It is set to be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC as mentioned by Polish video game developer Techland on January 27 2015. Dying Light is a survival horror game set in a vast, dangerous, zombified open world. During the day, players can traverse in an expanded urban environment overrun by a viral outbreak. You as a player try to survive by scavenging the world for supplies, and weapons to defend yourself against the growing infestation of zombies, with a heavy focus on parkour mechanics. At night, the hunter (player), becomes "the hunted" by zombies, and other more perilous obstructions. More terrifying are the predators that only appear after sundown, because they only use sound to detect the player in the surrounding area.

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