Kyle Crane

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Kyle Crane

Kyle Crane , known as The Protagonist, also known as the Player Character, is the main character of Dying Light.


He works for a Shadow organization as one of its field agents .


Kyle Crane is sent into Harran in order to find Kadir Suleiman, a politician brought in to help out during the outbreak. After the death of his brother, Hassan, Kadir stole a file of a failed vaccine attempt as a breakdown of the viruses make up. In order to stop the spread of the file, they blocked all outside signals that could reach the rest of the world and sent Kyle in to recover it. After landing, he is beaten by some bandits. Though he manages to shoot one, the sound draws zombies, one of which bites him, infecting him. He is the rescued by runners, although one of them dies in the process. He passes out and wakes up in the Tower's sickbay.


Parkour/ Melee Weapons/ Guns/ Survivalist


Kyle Crane is a man who gets things done he does all he can to help out at the tower though it has yet to be seen if this is just to further his own personal mission or a genuine selfless act.



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